KUF-2558 How can Serverless improve your Horticulture? | Devoxx

Devoxx UK 2019
from Wednesday 8 May to Friday 10 May 2019.

   How can Serverless improve your Horticulture?


Beginner & novice level
Room A Thursday from 11:50 til 12:40

Come and see how Bill and Ben used Serverless and IoT to create an automated paradise for Weed!

Serverless architectures really come into their own with time-constrained activities such as Capgemini Engineering’s annual Hackathon. We’ll show you how using a serverless tech stack with Graal freed us up from deployment configs to focus on introducing IoT to a greenhouse. We’ll look at the power of linear actuators (real power – 75kg? No problem!), sensor data, Lidar, and linking them to the cloud via ESP32 microcontrollers.

serverless   IoT   Graal   AWS  
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Joao Veiga
Joao Veiga
From Capgemini

Joao is a hands-on senior software engineer at Capgemini. He has worked for clients in financial services, public sector, telecoms and aerospace. A die-hard fan of the JVM and all things Java which has been building custom Java/JEE solutions for 14+ years, and led the design for some of his clients. Before that he contracted as a C/C++ programmer.

Clive Hackney
Clive Hackney
From Capgemini UK

Clive is a Tech Lead who has been developing software for many years, survived the dot com boom, and a few startups. He now works for Capgemini UK where he spends most of his time writing Java, mentoring teams, and generally trying to get software out the door as quickly and realiably as possible, Having written code in lots of languages, he wonders what was so wrong with STRUTS?

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