EZR-2707 Mini Lab - GraalVM Hands-on Quick-Start | Devoxx

Devoxx UK 2019
from Wednesday 8 May to Friday 10 May 2019.

   Mini Lab - GraalVM Hands-on Quick-Start

Hands-on Lab

Programming Languages
Programming Languages
Beginner & novice level
Coding Cafe Friday from 11:15 til 12:15

Join this Mini Lab and learn about the main benefits of GraalVM by running example programs on your laptop.

We'll look at how to improve peak performance for JVM-based applications, and create a native image for fast startup and low footprint. Then you'll have the chance to create a multilingual application with interoperability between multiple languages including Java and JavaScript.

Bring your laptop with GraalVM already downloaded for a quick start.

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Oleg Šelajev
Oleg Šelajev
From Oracle

Oleg Šelajev is a developer advocate for the GraalVM project at Oracle Labs, which aims to make programs run faster and developers more productive. He helps to organize VirtualJUG, the online Java User Group, and a GDG chapter in Tartu, Estonia. Became a Java Champion in 2017. Loves pizza and playing chess. Favorite languages: Java, JavaScript, and Python. And Clojure. And Kotlin, and TypeScript. In general, Oleg loves all languages, compilers, and virtual machines.

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