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Devoxx UK 2019
from Wednesday 8 May to Friday 10 May 2019.

   Dev Culture Hacking and Org Refactoring – Transformation tips from Software Pros


Methodology & Culture
Methodology & Culture
Beginner & novice level
Room B Thursday from 10:50 til 11:40

Marc Andreessen famously said “software is eating the world”, yet most of our teams and organisations simply aren’t set up to allow us to take part in the revolution because our surroundings are directly responsible for inefficient design and delivery – silos, project-based-funding, multi-layered middle management, command-and-control execs – the failings are well known. I know how incredibly frustrating this is, when all you want to do is ship great product.

My colleagues and I at ThoughtWorks are frequently tasked with fixing these org and cultural problems. We have a wealth of experience in confronting and challenging them head on and I want to share it.

This session will give you the low down on tried and tested ways to fix such issues, empowering you to drive incremental change yourself, from the bottom up. Change that includes both free-and-easy fast-moving (dev) culture hacks, and safe (step by step, supported by tests) org-refactorings. Change that responds to the specifics of your organisation and focusses on efficient delivery of software. And change that take its inspiration from the software techniques which we know so well.

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Andrew Harmel-Law
Andrew Harmel-Law
From ThoughtWorks

Andrew Harmel-Law is a Tech Principal with ThoughtWorks. Having started his tech career as with Sun Microsystems he is old enough to have witnessed the dot com boom and bust first hand. His latter experiences over the last fourteen years have been as a consultant. He has a particular interest in setting dev teams up for success; loves teaching and mentoring; and encouraging diversity in tech.

Andrew also loves learning new things, and is always seeking out people from whom he can learn new skills and gain different perspectives. Having originally studied Neural Networks the second time they were cool (in the 1990s) he's also currently using his spare time struggling to catch up on all the fuss around Deep Learning.

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