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Devoxx UK 2019
from Wednesday 8 May to Friday 10 May 2019.

Vijayaraghavan parthasarathy
Vijayaraghavan parthasarathy
From Cognizant Technology Solutions

Vijayaraghavan Parthasarathy is a technical evangelist and Director of Technology at Cognizant Digital Engineering. With a strong background in engineering and deep digital technology experience, Vijay firmly believe in disruption from within. He helps the clients achieve digital transformation at scale by leveraging latest business models and technology innovations. A big part of his experience and focus is on building cloud-native applications that help customers accelerate their transition to the cloud and redefine their competitive advantage

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Digital revolution is enabling large enterprises to move towards bimodal IT, self-service operating model, decentralised business and IT lines of businesses while maintaining a certain degree of centralised governance and control. Key enablers such as Enterprise Agile Adoption, Continuous Delivery, Cloud First, Mobile First Strategies are undoubtedly helping organisations to be more innovative, achieve faster time to market and drive customer centric strategies. However, without a short, medium and long-term business and technology capability requirement and corresponding organisational models and technology platform requirements, digital transformation is incomplete. One should evolve strategically toward self-service by evolving business capabilities, technology roadmap, roles and delivery models that would actually support these needs.

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