Siren Hofvander | Devoxx

Devoxx UK 2019
from Wednesday 8 May to Friday 10 May 2019.

Have you seen a fire breathing dragon dual wield My little pony figurines? How about an IT Security employee with a burning passion for keeping users say, security fun and accessible? Siren Hofvander delivers on the latter and strives for the former in her daily job as CSO for Docly - responsible for the security of not only the patient data but also the service itself. She is an expert of embedded security and specialises in building security into the SLDC and firmly believes that security is a task for everyone, not just the hacker elite. She also heads up the Malmö based IT Security group SecuriTea and is an avid forum contribution.

Infrastructure craftsmanship. Keeping the lights on for Everyone


Security as a discipline is often regarded to reside in the shadows, but its true domain isn't the romantic and exciting world of intrigue and mystery, but the dim and unseen depths far away from any spotlights or fawning attention. The lion's share of security work takes place in the trenches between intranets and DMZs, in the stacks of internal policies deftly crafted to meet both high standards of regulatory legal demand and hesitant company buy-in, and in the daily grind of building up a case for something that may never be seen in a market share spreadsheet or a end-of-year profit report. It is this security work upon which the world, its products and its people depend, and it is this work which remains enshrouded in apathy, ever-constricting budgets, mired in misunderstanding and inconsistent support.

This talk explores the inglorious world of blue team security and how to navigate the labyrinth of hesitant company culture in order to identify and accomplish the essential victories necessary to continue moving forward even when understaffed and unseen.

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