Peter Hauschulz | Devoxx

Devoxx UK 2019
from Wednesday 8 May to Friday 10 May 2019.

Peter Hauschulz
Peter Hauschulz
From HumanIT

Peter Hauschulz is a a security tester without a classic technology background, rather his backstory is that of a former librarian and former autopsy technician who realized his love of taking things apart could be brought to computers. Peter's gift is bringing the mysterious into the light, bringing his unique perspective to this field allows more people to find security, and in their own story make the world a safer place.

A Case of Consequences: a Retrospective on Reality


Like it or not, we all live agile lives in a devops world. A world populated by kanban boards, scrum masters, stand-ups, sit-downs and lean extremes, governed by smooth laissez-faire mantras and the soft soothing hum of buzzwords, where deliverable software reigns supreme with nothing but a trail of crumpled post-it notes left in its wake.

Are we riding a clean repository into the sunset of happily-ever-after, or are we just hankering for another feel-good dose of MVPs in our rose-colored retrospectives?

Assert Yourself: How to leverage security tools to increase quality of testing


Security testing is often seen as a mysterious and foreboding domain, where people enshrouded in hooded masks wield mystical powers to influence technology in ways that should be impossible. Vulnerabilities, hacks, disclosures, exploits and other spooky concepts seem to be the primary powers in this dark digital Mordor.

But we need not treat these rumours as fact, and in this talk we will not only explore and demystify these concepts, but we will also map them to the foundational concepts of testing in a way that enables everyone to begin comfortably integrating security into their existing workflow and knowledge base. Not only that, but we will even take it one step further and learn how to use simple and freely available security testing tools to enhance our existing test actions and strategies.

This presentation is OS agnostic and welcomes all web application software platforms.

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