Oleg Šelajev | Devoxx

Devoxx UK 2019
from Wednesday 8 May to Friday 10 May 2019.

Oleg Šelajev is a developer advocate for the GraalVM project at Oracle Labs, which aims to make programs run faster and developers more productive. He helps to organize VirtualJUG, the online Java User Group, and a GDG chapter in Tartu, Estonia. Became a Java Champion in 2017. Loves pizza and playing chess. Favorite languages: Java, JavaScript, and Python. And Clojure. And Kotlin, and TypeScript. In general, Oleg loves all languages, compilers, and virtual machines.

See also https://www.graalvm.org

GraalVM: Run Programs Faster Everywhere


GraalVM project enhances the Java ecosystem with an integrated, polyglot, high-performance execution environment for dynamic, static, and native languages. GraalVM supports Java, Scala, Kotlin, Groovy, and other JVM-based languages. At the same time, it can run the dynamic scripting languages JavaScript including node.js, Ruby, R, and Python.

In this session you'll see demos and learn what you can do with GraalVM, from using it as the JVM JIT compiler, enhancing the JIT, running native and polyglot programs, compiling them ahead of time for faster startup and lower runtime overhead, debugging your polyglot code using exact same tools for any language, to profiling performance and memory of your application and embedding GraalVM in a native application for portability.

GraalVM offers you the opportunity to write the code in the language you want, which suits the problem the best, and run the resulting program really fast wherever you like: JVM, native code, even inside a database.

Hack Session: Fast and Easy Polyglot for Everyone with GraalVM

Hands-on Lab

In this hack you'll build applications on the GraalVM platform you thought weren't possible before, mixing the best bits from the ecosystem of popular programming languages like Java, Kotlin, Scala, JavaScript and node.js, Python, Ruby, R and even native ones if you want it.

Your task will be to use GraalVM capabilities -- seamless polyglot between popular languages, native binaries that start up instantly and can be properly used serverless environment, sandboxed native code execution, and so on. Think of the things you cannot build otherwise and let your imagination guide you.

The hack is for individuals. GraalVM people will guide you on your journey on getting started with GraalVM, so if you feel you're just getting started we can help you!

How to prepare: * We recommend downloading Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition from Oracle Technology Network before the hackathon; https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/oracle-labs/program-languages/downloads/index.html * Clone / download the demos for inspiration and the starting point: https://github.com/graalvm * Bring a computer

Prizes: 1st place: Bose Acoustimass headphones 2nd place: A holy grail souvenir

Mini Lab - GraalVM Hands-on Quick-Start

Hands-on Lab

Join this Mini Lab and learn about the main benefits of GraalVM by running example programs on your laptop.

We'll look at how to improve peak performance for JVM-based applications, and create a native image for fast startup and low footprint. Then you'll have the chance to create a multilingual application with interoperability between multiple languages including Java and JavaScript.

Bring your laptop with GraalVM already downloaded for a quick start.

Make sure to download the Android or iOS mobile schedule.