Nathan Murados | Devoxx

Devoxx UK 2019
from Wednesday 8 May to Friday 10 May 2019.

As an avid developer who genuinely enjoys being able to use my expertise to solve problems, I have found myself moving away from using technology as the sole way to solve problems and instead towards using technology as one option in an ever-growing toolkit. From initially taking a big interest in the conversations front-end development provides to moving to various corners of the .NET stack, I have gained many cross-cutting skills that are technologically agnostic and applicable in a wide array of situations. I hope that sharing this knowledge with others allows me to share these tools I have gained and in turn allow others more options to solve common problems.

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The power of admitting we don't know... yet

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What do you think when somebody tells you they don't know? Better stop wasting time? Not quite the expert you thought they were? Or perhaps you respect their honesty? Perhaps this opens the opportunity to explore the issue together and reach a better outcome without assumptions?

What we can learn from those that admit they don't know might surprise you. I'll share some of the valuable insights I've gained from admitting there are things I didn't know and being prepared to try things with an open mind. I have seen many newcomers excel because they've admitted they don't know and many experienced people fail from refusing to admit the opposite.

Having joined a team that had finally been given the much requested green light to restart a high budget high stakes project from the ground up, I saw first hand how fear of the unknown could stop a great team of great engineers dead in their tracks. I will share my experiences of how admitting we didn't know freed us to try things without the fear of failure and, ultimately, delivered results we were all proud of.

Hack your Standups

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"Yesterday I fixed a bug, and then I did ticket 123, and then I had salad for lunch, and then... and then..."

Hang on, who cares?

Standups are everywhere nowadays, but are they really adding value? A good standup can set the team up for the day, while poor standups can be at best a lost opportunity and waste of time, and worse than that can reinforce other problems in a team's dynamics. But it doesn't have to be like that!

The main point of being agile should always be to tweak and evolve to find things that work for your team in your context. Let's look at some things we can try to hack our stand-ups - with some plot-twists.

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