Mark Heckler | Devoxx

Devoxx UK 2019
from Wednesday 8 May to Friday 10 May 2019.

Spring Developer Advocate, conference speaker, published author, & Java Champion focusing upon developing innovative production-ready software at velocity.

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Building Reactive Pipelines: How to go from scalable apps to (ridiculously) scalable systems


Going from imperative, blocking code to a reactive programming model enables us to scale our apps in ways that aren't possible with a thread scale-out approach, which is a good thing! But as with all optimizations, one must examine & address the system holistically or all we accomplish is moving bottlenecks around, creating or finding new chokepoints as we tune certain applications/services. This is not so good.

In this session, the presenter discusses:

  • How Project Reactor builds on reactive streams to help you create performant & scalable reactive microservices
  • Message brokers & streaming platforms like RabbitMQ & Apache Kafka
  • How Spring Cloud Stream leverages Reactor to provide fully reactive pipelines for system-wide (ridiculous!) scalability

The presenter will code all examples using 100% open source software live and in real time. This is not an abstract discussion, come to gain real, practical knowledge!

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