Laurent Doguin | Devoxx

Devoxx UK 2019
from Wednesday 8 May to Friday 10 May 2019.

Laurent is Head of Developer relations at Clever Cloud. He's also a nerdy metal head based in Paris and Devoxx Champion. He mostly wrotes code in Java and structured text in AsciiDoc, and often talks about data, reactive programming and other buzzwordy stuff. Laurent is also a former Developer Advocate for Couchbase and Nuxeo where he devoted his time and expertise in helping both communities grow bigger and stronger.

See also

Mini Lab - Automatic CFP import for Evman

Hands-on Lab

Evman is an event manager Rails application open sourced by Red Hat. It allows you to track all the conferences you will do and their associated CFPs. Right now most users have to enter all conferences and CFP manually. We can do better ! Joins us to code an automatic import of conferences and CFP to Evman !

A quick look at Quarkus's runtime options

Byte Size

Quarkus is one of the new generation of Java Frameworks made with cloud deployment in mind. It can run on top of the JVM, GraalVM or as a native executable. In this 15 minutes we will compare these options and see how JIT compiling and AOT compiling differs.

PostgreSQL is the new NoSQL


Have you seen the latest updates for traditional RDBmS lately? It's insane. They are all catching up and won't be left out. While all NoSQL stores are proposing SQL, all RDMS are proposing top notch JSON support. And it does not stop there.

Latest PostgreSQL version have added new scalability features like table partitioning, query parallelism, pub/sub framework, a new quorum system for data sync. They have also improved their window functions for better time series queryability.

And as it happens, we are using some of these new functionalities at Clever Cloud. In this talk I will showcase some of them to try to convince you that PostgreSQL is the new NoSQL.

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