Justin Lee | Devoxx

Devoxx UK 2019
from Wednesday 8 May to Friday 10 May 2019.

Justin Lee is a Java Champion and Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat. He has been programming in Java since 1996. He has worked on virtually every level of the application stack from database drivers all the way to application servers and front end interfaces. A long time advocate of Java, he has spoken at conferences and user groups all across the US and Europe. He is an active open source community member and can be found on twitter and github as @evanchooly.

See also http://www.antwerkz.com

Dive into Kotlin - it's as awesome as you've heard

Deep Dive

Kotlin is one of the most exciting and rapidly adopted JVM languages to come along in some time. Whether you write back end code or mobile apps, it seems Kotlin is everywhere. If you've ever wanted to dive into Kotlin but couldn't find the time or a suitable guide, this is your lucky day.

I have been using Kotlin since the early days and would love to guide you from 0 to Kotlin in 3 short hours. We'll start from the basics and progress our way through broader and more exotic topics in an attempt to give you the greatest exposure to the breadth and depth of Kotlin. We'll look at the functional aspects of the language and standard libraries. We'll talk about coroutines for a while. And we'll cover one of the most important aspects of Kotlin development: interoperability with the Java ecosystem and how you can take your new Kotlin skills and use them alongside your Java colleagues, with a little fuss as possible.

Expect to have an educational and fun time exploring Kotlin and at the end, hopefully you'll be as excited to write Kotlin as I am.

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