Julia Malašok | Devoxx

Devoxx UK 2019
from Wednesday 8 May to Friday 10 May 2019.

Julia Malašok
Julia Malašok
From Monese

Julia serves as a software engineer for UK-based fintech startup Monese in Tallinn, Estonia. After quitting her boring job she learned how to code independently, experiencing the profound joy delivered from crazy monoliths, live database transformations, alpha-stage framework utilisations in production and forever much more. Driven by a burning question of “How money works”, Julia has been swimming in the fintech pool for the past several years, presently contributing to the Monese success story as a part of the company’s core banking team.

See also https://monese.com/

Exploring GraphQL-Braid: Leaving RESTish world and building a distributed GraphQL system_


Do you have 100 microservices on your backend all exposing an API? And Android and iOS apps trying to communicate with them?

You would probably create a funnel-like API which forwards app calls, collects and returns the data. Then the app guys ask you to return one more field to the endpoint or create a new endpoint. A simple GET request (DB-wise). You plan, you build, you release. App engineers are waiting. Product guys are waiting. Users are waiting!

Then you wake up one day and see that you have an age-old endpoint which returns half of the database. You have to put an end to this mess! What options are there?

In this session we will share the result of our GraphQL and Atlassian Braid exploration journey. We are building a new distributed services architecture which will combine GraphQL backends into one schema. The result should be a fast, safe and easily maintainable cluster of microservices.

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