Dan Allen | Devoxx

Devoxx UK 2019
from Wednesday 8 May to Friday 10 May 2019.

Dan is a software developer, thinker, creative, published author (Seam in Action), and internationally-recognized speaker. Dan builds movements behind software by bringing together communities of creatives to pursue ideas and solve big problems. His goal is to foster software projects that default to open and thrive on transparency.

Dan leads the Asciidoctor and Antora projects and promotes the JVM as a polyglot Java Champion. As one of two founders of OpenDevise, Dan works with software projects to help organizations produce documentation their users adore.

After a long conference day, you’ll find Dan chatting about tech, docs, and open source with fellow community members over a Trappist beer or Kentucky bourbon.

See also https://opendevise.com

Writers Write! The Documentation BOF


People often say documentation is boring. But not us!

Let’s talk about documentation. How do you write it? How do you publish it? What tools do you use? What are the current trends? How do you encourage other people to participate? How can we make documentation more approachable?

Let’s share ways to improve our documentation and to encourage others to love, appreciate, and value documentation as much as we do.

Antora: Documentation Sites for Software Teams


Documentation is the facade of your software, its “curb appeal”. So you want to leave a good impression. But how do you create it? How do you version it? How do you publish it?

Despite there being countless site generators to choose from, few are well-suited for large-scale documentation sites, and none designed exclusively for AsciiDoc. Writers need the ability to create and manage documentation sites without needing deep knowledge of the web stack. Software teams need a workflow to collaborate on multiple versions of documentation that span departments. By creating Antora, we set out to fill these gaps. I'll explain how we architected Antora and how it changes the way we think about producing documentation.

Antora aggregates versioned content from a variety of repositories and branches that adhere to a standard project structure. It then converts that content and feeds it to a UI, which is provided by a separate software component. Out comes an offline-first site that can be published and viewed anywhere, even locally.

This talk will give you an understanding of how Antora enables software teams to effectively create, manage, and publish multi-version documentation sites.

Ten Ways to Hack Your Brain to Write Fluently

Byte Size

Your brain likes to hold ideas hostage. But it has a weak spot. It can be hacked. Let’s set your ingenuity free by coercing your brain to cast the creative flood gates wide open.

I’m here to share with you the top ten hacks I use to get by brain to write fluently. Centered around the AsciiDoc markup language, we’ll explore tricks such as as getting the ball rolling, the WORKLOG, the content fly trap, collaborative editing, and more!

These tricks you can play on your brain helps keeps you in writing flow and the cursor racing across the screen. After attending this session, the blank page will be your oyster instead of your nemesis.

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